Villain: My Wish, The Enemy Gets Doubled

Villain: My Wish, The Enemy Gets Doubled


373 Chapters Completed Status


Lin Beifan traveled through the world composed of countless urban web articles and became a villain. He has a wishing system and can make a wish every day.

With the ability of the system and his own rude operations, he broke all the protagonists, and the world line was chaotic.

So, Tiandao repeated the plot and cursed Lin Beifan. For whatever wish he made, the enemy would get double!

Lin Beifan chuckled: “That’s it?”

“I make a wish to keep my body temperature at 36.8 degrees!”

The first protagonist’s brain burned to 73.6 degrees, died!

“I make a wish to sleep 12 hours a day!”

The 2nd protagonist becomes a vegetative person, die!

“I make a wish that I will be crushed to death by a 120-pound beauty!”

The third protagonist was crushed into a piece of paper by a 240-pound fat girl, pawn!

Just like that, the plot is messed up again!


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