The Whole Family Went Crazy After Reading My Mind, I Drank Milk and Ate Melons

The Whole Family Went Crazy After Reading My Mind, I Drank Milk and Ate Melons


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[Mind reading, milk bag, group pet, melon eating]

After sleeping, she found that she was taken to the underworld by a bull-headed horse-face, and died inexplicably. When asked why, the old King of Hell gave a hesitant answer, and only said that he allowed her to be reincarnated as a human with her memory, and gave her a golden finger.

Jihua didn’t expect that the golden finger was really golden finger, and what made her even more surprised was that it was not reincarnation but walking through a book. Dress up as a Houfu with the same surname as Ji in ancient romance novels. On the day he was born, he was taken away by evil slaves and had sex with others. When he was two years old, he was left outside and froze to death. A proper little cannon fodder. Not only that, all the members of the Ji family who were loyal to the emperor and the country were qualified cannon fodder, and no one died intact.

[Dad, you were loyal to the emperor and served the country, and took the initiative to hand over military power, but in the end you ended up with your whole family beheaded and your head missing. 】

[Mom, the Bai Yueguang that Dad has been thinking about for more than twenty years is you. You have been angry with yourself for more than twenty years. 】

[Brother, you are very talented and full of ambition, but you were framed until your legs were disabled, and you were cut into pieces while ransacking your home. 】

[Second brother, you were framed for molesting the princess and imprisoned for several years. Finally, you were beaten to death in prison with a stick. 】

[Even I only lived to be two years old. 】

The family who heard their daughter’s (younger sister’s) voice were so angry that they all showed their swords, intending to cut the secret thief into pieces.

Until the third prince was exposed, the heroine did not appear in the book.

Jihua: Wearing the wrong book? ?


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