The Secret Code of Monsters

The Secret Code of Monsters


281 Chapters Ongoing Status


Autumn of 1840.
The world is like a whale floating up, igniting a fire in the eyes of the boy.
A letter from more than ten miles away, a traveler from a foreign land, and several wonderful and fantastic stories.
Ritualists, strange objects, alien species, invisible techniques;
Cursed secret texts, pointy-eared cats and dragons, little people under the floor, castles walking in dreams;
Science and mystery, fantasy and reality.
The boy tapped his cane, staggered with the times, and his black hair flew and melted in the laughter behind him:
"Those who are against us are bad guys!"
The monsters said.
This book is also known as: "The end of mysticism is probably afternoon tea", "My sect members are not quite right"
Keywords: Victorian fantasy, mysticism, esotericism, cat people's daily life

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