Starting with the evil god puppet, do I have a choice?

Starting with the evil god puppet, do I have a choice?


288 Chapters Completed Status


Evil gods are rampant! Monsters are rampant!
Roya traveled to the world of "Doll Riders".
Here, people awaken different powers by imprinting their souls in dolls.
Thus, they resist the rampage of evil gods and monsters.
What Roya didn't expect was that he actually traveled to become a doll that was about to be scrapped? And was contracted by a little girl? !
Fortunately, the god-level sign-in system was turned on.
[Ding, sign in to the contracted girl, reward: the power of the evil god for billions of years! ]
[Ding, sign in to the blood feeding ceremony, reward: the land of eternal truth! ]
[Ding, sign in to the dreamland, reward: Chaos burying evil eyes! ]
Until the day the girl came of age, she was isolated by countless people.
Suddenly she found that the doll that had been with her all the time was the behind-the-scenes boss who founded the Doll Church and the terrifying existence that controlled the world!

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