From Douluo to God

From Douluo to God


724 Chapters Completed Status


It is still the original Holy Soul Village, and it is still a familiar tool person.
Jiang Chen awakened a mysterious martial spirit that had never appeared in Douluo Continent.
Born out of the grievances of heaven and earth, feed on blood, do not enter samsara, do not fall into hell, scourge of lightning, do not die or perish, for heaven and earth are abandoned outside the cycle of reincarnation of the six realms.
In Jiang Chen's view, who knew the intended ending, following Tang San was the easiest, but after twists and turns, he entered the Spirit Hall.
At the beginning, Jiang Chen was still a little depressed, but thinking about it, the Spirit Hall was quite fragrant.
The beautiful master Bibi Dong, the beautiful Xiaoxue, and a vixen senior sister...
[Congratulations to the host for having survived another calamity, rewarded with a bottle of Thunder Tribulation Liquid and a spirit ring upgrade coupon...]
Seeing Jieyun slowly dissipating above his head, Jiang Chen was very depressed: "When will the days of thunder and lightning be all over the place!"


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