Pokémon Breeding House Starting from Pirates

Pokémon Breeding House Starting from Pirates


405 Chapters Ongoing Status


Suddenly there was a strange little shop called the 'Magic Breeding House' on the sea.
There are all kinds of eggs inside, as well as all kinds of magical creatures that look like they have eaten devil fruits.
What's it called...
As time went by, this store gradually became famous throughout the world.
The strongest man in the world, Whitebeard, sends his children to the [Pokémon Academy] all day long.
Garp and his good friends beat his grandson all day long, and even became one of the Four Heavenly Kings.
The Pirate Queen became one of the eight gym leaders of the [Pokémon League].
The cold-blooded Hawkeye is pushed to the brink of collapse by his own Pokémon every day.
The Navy established a special operations force called the "Trainer Force" to destroy pirates everywhere on the sea.
The Beast Pirates were so jealous that they transformed into Team Rocket and snatched Pokémon everywhere.
It doesn't matter to Dak what kind of waves these magical little guys create on the sea, because he is just an ordinary breeder.
"Okay, it's almost time to start the first Pokémon Convention. Everyone, please go to the eight Pokémon Gyms around the world to collect badges."
"Everyone, times have changed. One Piece is a thing of the past. Please work hard towards the goal of becoming a Pokémon Master."
Tags: Pokémon, One Piece, Forming a Force, Invincible Style, All Heavens
Main world: One Piece, second world-Naruto (tentative)

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