People in Hokage, married Kushina, son Naruto!

People in Hokage, married Kushina, son Naruto!


217 Chapters Ongoing Status


Traveling through the world of Naruto, I immediately encountered the kidnapping of Kushina.

As a classmate of Namikaze Minato and Kushina, Ye Feng said that he is just a soy saucer.

At this time, the system appeared!

“The system starts, and in view of the host’s current situation, three start options are given!”

“Option 1: Be a salted fish, sit idly by, and stay away from the plot! Reward: C-level physical skill – Konoha Great Whirlwind.”

“Option 2: Create chaos, hinder the rescue, and join the villain lineup! Reward: Kaleidoscope Sharingan.”

“Option 3: Leave Konoha Village immediately and participate in the rescue of Kushina! Reward: Supreme opening gift pack!”

Ye Feng chooses…


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