Naruto, the strongest Uchiha from signing in

Naruto, the strongest Uchiha from signing in


186 Chapters Ongoing Status


Story of: Naruto, the strongest Uchiha from signing in

[Not a single female protagonist + invincible + Uchiha + system] [There will be married women, please do not enter if you do not like it] Thank you for the invitation, people in the ninja world, graduation three battles. The war that swept the entire ninja world, the open and covert targeting of Konoha F4, the filial son Itachi's filial life that is about to begin, the specimen wall like a figure, Danzo's "love" for the Sharingan... Uchiha Kagetsu, who got the limited Tsukuyomi Ninja World Sign-in System, stood up and said no to the successor of the will of fire who inherited the evil Senju old white-haired. Where Konoha dances, the fire will also continue. The flames will illuminate the village and let the new buds grow into towering trees. As worthy of being the third generation Hokage, when will I, Uchiha Kagetsu, have such awareness. He tui... Sorry, it was intentional!


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