My practice narration is weird

My practice narration is weird


364 Chapters Ongoing Status


Ye Wuyou's cultivation talent is not ideal.
However... I have a narration system.
[Darkness, danger, weirdness, injured woman]
[All elements are complete, it's a dark night, it's dark in the bridal chamber, now a man and a woman are in a cell together, and she is injured, I think she is very weak, she needs a handsome and careful man to take good care of her, as long as you seize the opportunity and take advantage of it, and refine her into... in the future]
In just a moment, the white-clothed man stood in front of Ye Wuyou with a sword.
The girl's swaying murderous intent made Ye Wuyou lose his mind in an instant.
Can't win, can't win at all!
Dog narration, give me some information! It's about the girl in front of you!
[Height 167cm weight 48kg measurements 92-60-88]
Ye Wuyou looked up at the girl in front of him, his vision was blocked, and he couldn't see her face clearly.
It's true.

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