My Destiny Illustrated Book of Shape Moon

My Destiny Illustrated Book of Shape Moon


632 Chapters Ongoing Status


"So why are Emiya intruding everywhere? Can you please stop summoning me?"
The alien of the Emiya series, the last Knight of the Round Table, the conscience of Chaldea, the third magician, the king of the Lost Belt, the hot man Alaya will never get, the girl-controlling ghost: Sakutsuki.
When the Emiya Giant summoned the souls from another world in the dungeon of Endsworth City, the young man holding the destiny illustration began his own journey.
The first zero point of destiny; the planet with the exhausted source; the Holy Grail War in which fourteen heroic spirits join together; the title designation that rises to save humanity...
Let it continue like this, travelers from a foreign land——
Until the moment when fate closes its loop.
"I really just want to stay at home like Merlin! If I continue like this, I will be divided into N equal parts sooner or later!"
"Don't you know how to do it now, Onii-chan!"

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