Longevity, step by step to the highest

Longevity, step by step to the highest


189 Chapters Ongoing Status


Story of: Longevity, step by step to the highest

Mortal immortality, no system, decisive killing, farming, martial arts, cultivation, no ambiguity, no brainlessness, no lowering of intelligence, logic, villains also have their own personality charm and way of thinking. The protagonist Wu Ping is decisive in killing. He never talks nonsense to the people he wants to kill. He can kill with one move and never use a second move. He does not give the enemy a chance to counterattack and use his trump card. He is cautious and likes to control everything behind the scenes. He is determined to cultivate his own way and make a name for himself. Only by being invincible in the end can he truly change this deformed fantasy world. I promise not to be a eunuch. One million words are the basis.


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