Innate King Kong: My body can grow infinitely

Innate King Kong: My body can grow infinitely


156 Chapters Completed Status


Good news: I have traveled through time and have a panel on my body.
Bad news: I was cursed by the world and my body began to grow uncontrollably
Good news: As my body grows, my muscle density and my own strength are also increasing.
Bad news: As my body grows bigger and bigger, what should I do?
In order to get rid of this strange curse, he had to desperately collect various secrets in an attempt to shrink his body.
But even so, it still had little effect.
Three years later, Li Dao looked at his tough body, speechless for a while, and simply began to give up on himself.
What is the curse of heaven and earth?
He just asked:
Who in this world can take my punch?

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