When Roland awakens his memories before the time travel, he finds himself caught in a storm, and he is the source of the storm.
In the sun, war machines crush the city.
In the dark night, shadow tentacles weave a web.
In the deep sea, awakened trolls are ready to move.
In the temple, devout believers sing epics.
This is a chaotic world where supernatural and magic, steam and alchemy coexist. Everyone who embarks on the road of advancement is looking for a way out.
Faced with the roads of [Knowledgeable] and [Paladin] that have been opened one after another, Roland falls into a choice dilemma.
At this time, the whisper of the elves came from the dream flower sea.
"You can have it all."
"The Royal Knights were founded in the name of the Queen. What is a royalist? You media should stop talking nonsense."
--Roland, the leader of the Royal Knights, said so.
The next day.
"Roland admits that he is a hardcore royalist."
--"Sussex Sun"

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