In the Era of Rebirth, the Charming Daughter-in-law In the Courtyard is Beautiful and Sassy

In the Era of Rebirth, the Charming Daughter-in-law In the Courtyard is Beautiful and Sassy


837 Chapters Ongoing Status


Once she traveled through time, Yunyi became the poor little Chu Yunyi with a “love brain” whose name was the same as her own.

Not only was the original owner tricked into getting a job, he was also coaxed into signing up and preparing to go to the countryside.

She accidentally discovered that the person who said she liked her was having secret meetings with others behind her back, and then she realized that everything was their plan.

When I was devastated, I received the news that my grandpa was in trouble. I was so disheartened that my fragrance and jade were lost in the mourning hall.

Yunyi responded with his own treatment, and used thunderous means to regain his job, turning the family of the original owner into a street rat that everyone wanted to beat.

He also conveniently returned the baby who didn’t like the original owner. Damn, I don’t know who will look down on whom in the future.

Looking at the golden finger she got accidentally, she sighed in her heart: A blessing in disguise.

As for finding relatives?

Let nature take its course. She doesn’t want to bring back a bunch of ancestors for herself. Her status as an orphan is quite good.

The first time we met, I got a nosebleed from a basketball thrown by a man…

When they met for the second time, they were misunderstood as an accomplice. The two cooperated tacitly and escaped…

The third meeting almost became a man’s antidote. What kind of bad fate is this…

However, a pair of double-sided embroidery made Fourth Young Master Huo, who was known in the courtyard as a stoic and unfeminine man, go crazy for her and bang against the wall for her.

No one in the compound would say anything about Fourth Young Master Huo’s righteousness, but they didn’t know that his sacrifice for the family was just a cover-up, so that he could stay by her side openly.

The little woman leaned on his shoulder and said softly: They don’t like me, and they said I was a vixen who used tricks to seduce you.

To those who have hurt or plotted against her, Mr. Huo said domineeringly: zero tolerance.

Use practical actions to slap them in the face.

She is my reverse scale!

The three-generation love-doting wife maniac is online!


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