I make the game come true

I make the game come true


225 Chapters Ongoing Status


Story of: I make the game come true

[Behind the scenes/Player/Game/No female protagonist] On that day, the epoch-making holographic game "The Sealed Land" came out, which directly set off a gaming craze in the whole world. The average number of online people once exceeded 3 billion! But no one knows that one day in the future, everything in the game will come to reality! The Sealed Tower, the Legion of the Old Ones, the Doomsday Church... Only Ye Qiu, who was reborn, knows all this. But I don’t care, because... "I am the initiator of this game." "I will wait for the arrival of a challenger at the top of the Sealed Tower as the final BOSS." —————————————————————— This book is also known as: "The Game Comes, I am the Manipulator Behind the Scenes" "Because I'm Too Bored, I Started the Age of Superpowers" "Players and Planners Fight to the End"


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