Football: I can see player entries

Football: I can see player entries


104 Chapters Ongoing Status


Story of: Football: I can see player entries

[Entries + Football + Coaching + Legend] [This book is not completely realistic, please do not read if you mind] A down-and-out young man and a club that is about to be relegated. No one would think this combination is perfect. No one cares what kind of story will happen here. Until the arrival of that young Chinese man. At the end of the 2017-18 season, Li Yanqing became the head coach of Burton Athletic. A dream journey began. With the ability to see the player's entries, he made everyone play their best. The young players from the youth training are growing rapidly! The frustrated veterans are rejuvenated! Opponent: What? Our abandoned player performed a hat trick again? Manager: Don't be like this, you make me look useless... Boss: When did the club have so many star players? Li Yanqing: Star? No, there is only one star here, and that is me! In the end, this is a story about victory, glory and pride.


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