Fantasy Lords: Start with Daily Intelligence

Chapter 348: The chaotic continent, arriving at the natural forest

Chapter 348: The chaotic continent, arriving at the natural forest

 “Sir Neil!”

"haven't seen you for a long time!"

Looking at the falling figure, Thor couldn't help but have a smile on his face.

 “Boy, what are you doing so fast!”

 Listening to Thor's words with a smile, Neal Morton's words were filled with annoyance.

God knows how many problems he encountered along the way.

Although he had a route, due to turmoil everywhere, his itinerary had to be changed again and again. Even with his peak strength in the Holy Domain, he found the wrong path several times. Fortunately, he was able to communicate from Canaan College, so he didn't. Something embarrassing happened.

 “Sir Neil, I’m so sorry.”

Thor quickly apologized.


 “Forget it, I’m too lazy to argue with you!”

 “Let’s go quickly!”

“I’m afraid the Salka Kingdom will be in chaos in the next few days!”

Neal Morton waved his hand, and then spoke in a deep voice.

 “Is there going to be chaos?”

Thor was a little surprised and couldn't help but look at Neal Morton.

 He knows the situation in the Salka Kingdom at this moment because of the daily intelligence system.

He didn’t expect Neal Morton to know this too.

"Yes, you should know that the city of Serbia and the city of Raushi were destroyed!"

“I took a look before. It is definitely the work of a god, and it is also a middle god. It is almost impossible to resist it with the power of the Salka Kingdom.”

Neal Morton sighed and spoke.

“Hasn’t the empire taken action yet?”

Thor frowned and couldn't help but speak.

Even though he knew that the Salka Kingdom was about to be in chaos, even he did not expect that the situation would be so bad.

The Salka Kingdom is stronger than the three northern kingdoms. It is definitely not a small matter that such a powerful kingdom is about to be destroyed.

“I’m afraid it will be difficult for the empire to extract enough power.”

“The Magnolia Continent seems to have encountered quite a problem.”

"Half a year ago, the two major empires on the mainland once again mobilized a large amount of power. Now the power remaining on the mainland is extremely insufficient. Only some important kingdoms and the mainland of the empire can be saved. It is difficult to protect other places. "

Neal Morton smiled bitterly.


Listening to Neal Morton's words, Thor couldn't help but open his mouth. He didn't expect that the situation was so bad.

 The power of the empire was drained away.

 This means that the last guarantee of the kingdom has completely disappeared.

 The consequences hardly need to be said.

"Let's go, don't you want to go to the natural forest? These things are not something we can participate in."

 “It’s the big guys who should worry about it.”

Neal Morton shook his head, and then spoke softly.

Thor nodded silently.

 Let out a slight puff of turbid air.

 His mood immediately calmed down.

As Neal Morton said, these things are beyond his ability to intervene at this moment.

 Instead of thinking about this, it is better to rush on again.

 With the addition of Neal Morton, the entire knight order was not greatly affected.

 A group of people, three days later.

 Finally passed through the Kingdom of Salka and arrived at the Kingdom of Macedonia.

It is also the last kingdom in the entire east.

And on the second day after they arrived in the Kingdom of Macedonia, an even more shocking news came.

The city of Solo in the eastern part of the Salka Kingdom was also destroyed.

Solo City is only a hundred miles away from the Kingdom of Macedonia. The destruction at such a close distance made the figures on the Macedonian Kingdom suddenly become nervous.

 When Thor entered the city, he felt a stricter inspection.

Of course, this is so-called more strict, and it is still incomparable to the Kingdom of Salka.

 But these are already unthinkable for the Kingdom of Macedonia.

Walking among the cities of the Kingdom of Macedonia, Thor listened to the information about Solo City and the Kingdom of Salka. Even Thor's expression could not help but have a touch of solemnity.

“Sir Neil, tell me, can the Salka Kingdom survive this time?”

Another figure passed by while talking to each other. Thor suddenly stopped, looked at the figure behind him, and spoke in a deep voice.

 Listening to his words, both Neal Morton and the other knights could not help but frown.

Whether the Kingdom of Salka can be sustained may not only be considered by Thor at this moment, but also by them.

 “Not clear!”

 “But I’m afraid it’s difficult!”

Neal Morton shook his head, then sighed and spoke.

Thor was silent.

 Finally no more words.

There is really not much he can do at the moment.

 The strength of Sanctuary is indeed strong enough, but who does it have to be compared with?

In this kingdom, even in top kingdoms like Salka and Serra, the strength of the sanctuary is extremely important. A powerful sanctuary like Thor can even be said to be of great importance. exist.

 It can be placed in the empire.

 At this time when the Church of the Gods is in turmoil, the Holy Land is nothing.

The figure of the Church of Gods blocking Ryze is the upper god.

At the same time, in addition to this, the Church of the Gods also has a large number of gods.

At this moment, as the divine revelation begins, a large number of gods have begun to descend.

 In this case, the sanctuary is naturally nothing.

 The group of people gradually became silent.

He quickly left this border city and continued to head east.

At this moment, the chaos is obviously not just limited to the Kingdom of Salka, but even the Kingdom of Macedonia has been greatly affected.

 On the road.

Thor could sense that strife was breaking out everywhere.

 You can also see a human town that was completely overrun by monsters.

 It's just different from before. Thor can feel the wisps of blood in the void gathering towards the sky.

 Obviously, even in the Kingdom of Macedonia, blood sacrifice rituals have begun.

 The spread of this blood sacrifice ritual was beyond his imagination.

 At this moment, I am afraid that except for the two major empires, the entire continent has been infiltrated by the Church of the Gods.

 After one hundred thousand years, no one knows how far the Church of the Gods has penetrated.

Especially compared to knight training, relying solely on talent is different. The Church of the Gods only needs faith in the gods to improve.

This is also a temptation that many people simply cannot resist.

 After all, everyone’s talents are limited.

 How far you can go depends on your talent and resources.

 Most people actually don’t have these.

For example, Thor, without the blessing of the ice elves and a series of subsequent opportunities, his talent may not be able to break through to the earth knight in his lifetime, let alone the current holy realm. Thor is not alone in this situation.

 On the vast continent, among the kingdoms, there are not too many existences like Thor before.

 Either talent or resources.

 Or opportunity.

 These have become barriers that they cannot cross.

 The Church of the Gods can give them a chance.

 As long as they devote their most devout beliefs, it is enough.

 In normal times, you may not be able to see anything, but once you are in this kind of turmoil, the situation is completely different.

Thor didn't even need to think about it. The next chaos might not only be in the kingdom, but also sweep across the entire empire.

 Add the previous situation.

Thor is not even hard to guess.

Whether it is the Magnolia Continent or the kingdom war, I am afraid that it has been arranged by the Church of the Gods.

First, through the extraterritorial war on the Magnolia Continent, the top powers of the two empires were dragged away, and then the kingdom war weakened the strength within the kingdom. After this chain of events, even if the empire and many kingdoms discovered problems, they would be very vulnerable. It is difficult to solve these problems immediately.

 In the end, we can only watch the divine revelations coming one after another.

 Then greater confusion arises.

 Finally, the rule of the two empires was completely shaken.

 Even completely subverted.


With a breath of turbid breath, Thor shook his head and suppressed these thoughts for the time being.

 As said before, these are not things he needs to consider for the time being.

 He also believed that the two empires could rule the continent for more than 100,000 years and could not be overthrown so easily.

 The two empires must have their own back-ups.

Rather than thinking about this, he should first consider how to continue to improve himself, and how to obtain a higher ranking in Canaan College in the future. This is what he needs to consider most at the moment.

Especially the ranking of Canaan College.

ˆIf you can get a higher ranking, you can get higher college points.

 At that time, you can either exchange materials to give yourself what you need for cultivation, or improve your territory.

 The night gradually passed.

 The familiar mechanical voice sounded.

  Accompanied by daily information refresh line by line.

Thor has a clearer understanding of the current situation.

 And his figure gradually penetrated deep into the Kingdom of Macedonia.

Compared to the Kingdom of Salka, which encountered a lot of trouble upon entering, the Kingdom of Macedonia did not encounter any trouble as it was already in chaos.

 The only thing that cannot be avoided.

 It was just a fight between two marquises.

However, after Thor and others showed their strength and stated that they were just passing by, the two marquis families chose to let them go.

Even if one of the marquises recognized Thor, the same would be true.

 After passing through these two marquis territories, everyone was already at the border of the Kingdom of Macedonia.

Just four or five more days of walking can completely leave the territory of the Kingdom of Macedonia and reach the outskirts of the natural forest.

 It is different from the previous life.

The east of this world is not covered by the sea, but by a huge mountain range that stretches for countless miles.

 That is the country of elves and monsters.

The Warcraft Mountains outside Salka City is just an extension of this huge mountain group.

 If you want to get there, you can originally go from the Warcraft Mountains.

However, the dangers that need to be encountered are not imaginable by the human kingdom. Under normal circumstances, no one dares to cross the Warcraft Mountains and reach this group of mountains.

 Most of them follow Thor's path.

Even if it is Thor's path, most people will not go deep into the natural forest.

The natural forest belongs to the kingdom of elves, and it is best for humans not to rush into it.

Although the elves and humans were a united front against the gods, the elves and humans were not so friendly.

 Especially in the past ten thousand years.

 The emergence of slave-catching teams.

 Making the relationship between humans and elves even worse.

Although this kind of evil is not as bad as the orcs, it has a huge conflict with humans.

 But when humans rush into natural forests, the result is not a good one.

Of course these have nothing to do with Thor.

 With Elvira here, visiting the elves will not be a big problem.

 The group quickly crossed the border of the Kingdom of Macedonia and entered the outskirts of the natural forest.

“Hurry, as long as we pass through here, we can reach our country.”

 Elvira spoke with excitement.

 Even Anna couldn't help but have a touch of excitement in her expression.


Thor whispered, his expression also looking forward to it.

 The group speeded up their journey again.

 Just when Thor and his party stepped into the natural forest.

At this moment, a group of people are also running wildly in the natural forest. They have a sack on their bodies, and the sack is constantly squirming.

“Hurry up, those guys are catching up!”

One person spoke with an urgent voice.

“Shopton, go and stop them!”

 “Walter, follow me!”

 A figure spoke, and the crowd began to separate quickly.

A group of people were running wildly with sacks, and a group of people began to stay.

 And early behind this group of people.

There are figures flying towards this side one after another. They are holding bows and arrows. Each figure has a beautiful face and exquisite facial features. Their clothes are made of flowers or leaves.

 “Stop them!”

 A shout of pride sounded.

 The next moment, countless elves flew out of the grass quickly.

Chased towards the figure in the distance.

 The next moment, a fight between the two sides quickly broke out.

It's just that this slave-catching team is extremely powerful. Even this elf team is not weak, but it can't stop the opponent.

 Time passes slowly.

  An elf girl became more and more anxious.

 But there is no point in being anxious.

 “Kateline, no news has come yet?”

 An elf girl spoke anxiously to the elf girl next to her.

 “Not yet, it may take some time.”

The elf girl next to her shook her head, and there was also an anxious look on her delicate face.

 (End of this chapter)

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