Fantasy Lords: Start with Daily Intelligence

Chapter 335: Hey guys, when we meet, just turn up the volume

Chapter 335: Hey guys, let’s just open up when we meet.

 “Magnolia Continent!”

Hearing Ryze’s words, Jax’s face couldn’t help but change.

He knew that the empire had been busy conquering the Magnolia Continent during this period, and the Magnolia Continent was far enough away from the continent where they were located that ordinary contact methods could not be used to contact them.

"damn it!"

Jax couldn't help cursing secretly, his expression constantly changing.

"what happened?"

Looking at Jax's expression, Ryze couldn't help but have a hint of doubt.

Looking at Ryze's doubts, Jax pondered for a moment, and then told the whole situation.

  Listening to Jax’s story, Ryze’s original doubtful expression could not help but gain a hint of solemnity.

He also did not expect that the Church of the Gods would take such a big action at this time. If what the special recruiter said was true, then the turmoil would undoubtedly spread widely, especially as it seemed to involve the empire. At the middle and senior levels, such things are even more important.

"Jax, we are still not sure yet. It is not appropriate to contact the dean and the others, or even contact the high-level officials of the empire!"

“Well, this time, I will do it myself and take down those guys from Raymond Kingdom first.”

 Ritz pondered for a moment, and then spoke in a low voice.


 Rise's words made Jax stunned again, and he looked at his friend with a hint of suspicion.

“Don’t look at me like that, okay? I’m just a bunch of rats in the ditch. I won’t be in much trouble.”

Jax's distrustful gaze made Ryze snort.

"Ritz, this matter is no joke. That special recruit said that he has the will of the Lord of the Underworld. Even if your strength is not that of a lower god, you will only be a mid-level **** until you die. You are not even a high-level god. Once we encounter a real crisis, we may not be able to handle it, so we should inform the dean. "

Ryze's cold snort made Jax look even more worried.

 The Lord of the Underworld, that is the Lord of the Underworld.

 The existence that is truly at the top of the gods.

 Such an existence is something that lower gods and middle gods cannot contend with.

Even a high-level **** is no more than a bigger insect in front of this kind of existence.

Although he couldn't see through Ryze's strength, in his opinion, the opponent's time to become a **** was not much earlier than his.

 At such a short time, even if the opponent is more special than yourself, at most he is just a mid-level god.

 This kind of strength is indeed powerful enough, even stronger than the kings of most kingdoms.

 But facing the Church of the Gods it is still not enough.

From past memories, although the Church of the Gods does not possess the existence of a high-level god, it does possess a large amount of power from a middle-level god.

 He didn’t want anything to happen to Ryze.

“Don’t worry, the Lord of the Underworld will never come back.”

“Even if it exists, it is just a ray of will, and it does not pose any threat to me.”

"As for the middle god, when did I say that I was the middle god?"

 Ritz chuckled lightly, but the words he spoke made Jax's pupils shrink violently.


 Speaking subconsciously, Jax didn't have time to be shocked. The next moment, the aura on Ryze's body changed instantly.

The white world turned into a gray world in the blink of an eye.

And what frightened Jax even more was that his mental power, life source power, and even the divine realm seemed to be suppressed in an instant. At this moment, he could not even mobilize any power.

At the same time, an unprecedented heart palpitation spread throughout his body.

 But the good thing is.

 Just a moment.

The gray world has receded, and the surroundings have once again turned into the original space.

At this moment, Jax’s eyes towards Ryze completely changed.


 Speaking subconsciously, Jax found himself at a loss for words at this moment.

Even though he had known for a long time that Ryze was stronger than him, when he really felt it, it still gave him an unimaginable impact.

 The lower god, the middle god.

 No, this kind of divine realm is probably incomparable to ordinary high-ranking gods.

As the deputy dean of the Weapons Academy of Canaan College, it’s not like Jax has never been exposed to the realm of higher gods. Under normal circumstances, the realm of upper gods is indeed very powerful in suppressing lower gods like them, but this kind of suppression is just a rule. The suppression above can make people feel as if they are facing a huge mountain, but it cannot make people feel suffocated.

 And it is from the soul to the suffocation of the body.

At this moment, Jax couldn't even imagine the extent of Ryze's strength.

 “Hahaha, be surprised!”

 “But don’t think too much, I’m not there yet.”

Ritz remembered with a funny voice, his words were as usual, without any fluctuations.

 “Old guy, you really gave me a big surprise.”

 “Your cultivation!”

Jax reacted, and then he couldn't help but sigh slightly.

 “Okay, go and bring that little guy over!”

 “I still have some things to understand.”

 “By the way, give this to Neal Morton!”

  Ritz did not continue this topic, but changed his words to a more critical point.

At the same time, he raised his hand, and an illusory gray light appeared in his hand.

"This is?"

Looking at the illusory light group, Jax's eyes narrowed, and then a hint of joy appeared.

 He knows this stuff.

 With this thing, Neal Morton will undoubtedly be able to reach another level.

 For Neal Morton, Jax still values ​​​​it very much.

Especially when he returned this time, he could sense that Neal Morton had undergone another transformation.

 This transformation will be of great help to the future.

“This is the original power of illusion. If he can comprehend it, he will undoubtedly be able to reach a farther distance.”

 Riz nodded and spoke softly.


Jax took a deep look at Ryze, then nodded in agreement.

 Then his figure walked out.

"grown ups!"

As soon as the figure walked out, he saw Thor.

"Come with me!"

Jax said something, and then led Thor back again.

And Thor finally saw another senior member of Canaan College.

“This person is Ruiz, the instructor of the Soul Academy of Canaan College. You can call him Sir, or Mr. Ruiz.”

Jax opened his mouth and introduced Thor.

 “I’ve met the adults!”

Listening to Jax's introduction, Thor didn't hesitate at all and hurriedly greeted Ryze.

“No need to be polite, tell me everything you saw and what you guessed!”

 Ritz waved his hand, and his words went directly to the topic.


Thor nodded, and then started telling the story again.

 With previous experiences, Thor's story this time is undoubtedly more complete and more detailed. And Ryze did not interrupt, but listened attentively.

More than half an hour has passed since this lecture.

 It wasn’t until Thor finished telling everything that Ryze came back from his thoughts.

 “Okay, I get it!”

“Don’t tell anyone else what happened this time. Don’t worry, leave it to us and we will take care of it for you!”

 Ritz spoke, his words soft.

 “Thank you, sir!”

Thor looked happy. Although Ryze did not give any more answers, this answer was enough for Thor.

There is no doubt about the strength of the empire, and there is no doubt about the strength of Canaan College.


“Remember my words, you don’t have to do anything next. Since you want to go to the natural forest, go ahead and there is no need to change your itinerary!”

 “By the way, this is for you!”

Ritz nodded, and then explained again, but he seemed to think of something halfway through the words, so he added another sentence. At the same time, he flipped his right hand and a ball of light floated directly towards Thor.

"This is?"

  Taking it over subconsciously, Thor looked a little confused.

"Boy, you have made a lot of money this time. This is the source of your soul. It will be of great help to you in the future to strengthen your spiritual power and ignite the divine fire."

As doubts spread, Jax’s voice of explanation rang out.

 “Thank you, sir!”

Thor's eyes lit up and he quickly expressed his thanks.


 Ritz waved his hand.

Thor then said goodbye and left.

 And watched Thor leave.

Jax couldn't help but look at Ryze.

 “Old guy, don’t take it off.”

Jax couldn't help frowning and spoke.

Hearing just a few words, as a long-time friend, Jax thought of Ryze's plan.

“Don’t worry, that ball is not the origin of the soul.”

 Riz chuckled.

 “Isn’t it the origin of the soul?”

Jax was stunned for a moment.

But he quickly came to his senses, his pupils widened instantly, and there was a hint of shock in his expression.


 Speaking subconsciously, before Jax's words could be spoken, Ryze's words rang out in advance.


"Jax, now is not the time to think about this. Something happened in the Raymond Kingdom. I'm afraid there will be problems not only in the Raymond Kingdom. The situation should be very troublesome. Although the affairs of the kingdom have nothing to do with us, once the gods really let the gods If it comes on a large scale, the trouble will be great.”

 “You go and inform the other side, so that they can also prepare.”

The words were spoken with caution, and they immediately pulled Jax's thoughts completely.


Jax responded quickly.

At this moment, he couldn't care less about the shock before.

 He knew very well that in the situation at hand, the matter was extremely urgent.

 Soon his figure left.

 And Ryze looked at the white sky.

 “I don’t know if I can spread in the teacher’s field now.”

 The voice of Qingyu spoke, and Ryze couldn't help but have a slight solemn look on his face.

 Until a moment later.

 Faint light intertwined around Ryze, and his divinity gradually faded until it completely disappeared.

Without anyone noticing, the entire Canaan College seemed to be vaguely attracted.

Of course these have nothing to do with Thor.

 After receiving Ruiz’s words, he undoubtedly felt completely settled.

  Canaan College, as the empire's top academic institution, has no doubt about its strength. Not only did he know this before, but what he saw with his own eyes during this period made him clearly understand this.

 For him, the only question is whether he can report it.

  After all, if it is as he suspected, the empire may have been penetrated a lot.

 If one doesn’t do it right, he may be exposed in advance.

However, it is obvious that this worst result has not occurred.

 Everything went extremely smoothly.

 All you have to do is wait for the results.

 As for doing this, is it a bit too cowardly?

 Just kidding, if you have a background, you don’t need to do it. If you have to do it yourself, he is really crazy.

Specially, this matter has little to do with him. The Church of the Gods is something that the empire needs to solve, so it is even more so.

 Return to reality.

  In the following time, Thor followed Ryze's instructions and headed towards the natural forest as always.

As if nothing was noticed.

  It's just different.

 The worry on Thor's expression completely disappeared.

  Accompanying his change, the daily refresh of intelligence directly proved that his choice was correct.

And what he didn't expect was that Canaan Academy would move faster than he imagined.

 “The origin of the soul!”

Muttered to himself, looking at the ball of light floating in his palm, Thor couldn't help but chuckle.

 With the daily intelligence system, he naturally already knew what this thing was at this moment.

 It is indeed correct to say that he is the origin of the soul.

But it is different from the soul origin that Jax said, because this mass of soul origin is conscious and is only temporarily blocked. As long as he encounters a crisis, this block will be automatically opened. That soul academy Dean Ruiz will appear in front of him in person.

 And that one was stronger than he imagined.

 A high-ranking god, and also the most powerful one among the high-ranking gods.

 Even a soul source of power is enough to compete with a true superior god.

To be honest, when the daily intelligence system first appeared, even Thor couldn't help but be shocked.

 Good guy.

Not only is he cautious and courageous, Canaan College is also so.

Even to avoid accidents, a clone of an existence at the level of a superior **** descended.

This is a high-ranking god, and he is no longer a novice.

 After a few months at Canaan Academy, he learned not only about history, but also about the entire empire and the continent.

 Even in the empire, there are not many high-level gods. Every high-level **** is extremely important.

 (End of this chapter)

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