Fantasy Lords: Start with Daily Intelligence

Chapter 333: Anomalies in the daily intelligence system

Chapter 333 Anomalies in the Daily Intelligence System

 The figures are full of fanaticism. At this moment, they are undoubtedly the most devout believers and the strongest means for the gods to stay on the mainland.

Faith is always something that cannot be shielded.

What’s more, even human gods need faith, which makes it even more difficult to shield.

As long as faith exists, the influence of gods will be everywhere.

Especially after Ragnarok, not all gods have fallen.

 It is impossible to be isolated in this situation.

 The Church of the Gods has never been completely cleared.

 And in the midst of their enthusiasm.

 A hurried figure walked in.


The man in black robe murmured to himself, and then his eyes couldn't help but light up.

Although the man in black robe kneeling on one knee was a little confused.

 “The Knights of the Tulip Kingdom?”

 The leader of the man in black robe gently raised his hand.



 “Angel of God!”

The screams gradually died down, and a complete figure floated quietly into a ball of green flames.

“Go, I need all the information about the knight of the Tulip Kingdom.”

 “Spare your life!”

 Haunted sounds came from the mouth of the burning figure.

Soon, the man in black robe took action quickly.

The man in black robes headed by him spoke again, and his words quickly issued orders.

 It was like eating the most delicious food in the world at this moment.

However, he quickly agreed.

Of course at this moment, no one cares about him.

 Unfortunately, it did not last long. In just two breaths, the flame completely disappeared.

 At the next moment, green flames flew into his hands.

 The man in black robe next to him knelt down respectfully.

 The man in black robe opened his eyes again.

 “I seem to feel a more delicious sacrifice!”

Hearing screams echoed, and the green flames completely enveloped his body in an instant.


That shrill scream could be heard clearly even by Duke Sack who was outside.

This made him shiver instinctively, and his face instantly turned pale.

From what he understood, it was only the peak of the Sky Knight. Even if the Duke's strength was hidden, he probably would not reach the Holy Realm.

At this moment, Thor didn't know that a group of people were already staring at him.

next moment

 Even the strength of the only duke in the Raymond Kingdom.

Although the Raymond Kingdom is in a relatively chaotic stage at the moment, it may threaten his existence, but it really does not.

 In the room.

After pondering for a moment, the man in black robe looked at the man in black robe on the left, and then started speaking.

He still traverses the entire Raymond Kingdom as always.


"By the way, don't attract his attention, and don't take action rashly. He seems to be pretty good."

 A green flame instantly rose up on the figure's body.

ˆ Eyes closed.

 Absorbing this green flame with a touch of enjoyment.

 “God spare my life!”

As soon as he got closer, dangerous eyes instantly focused on this figure.

 With such strength, he really doesn’t need to worry about anything.

Of course, even so, Thor still did not slow down.

 Instead, prepare to quickly pass through the Raymond Kingdom.

 This choice is undoubtedly the right one.

 Because they were on their way for only three days.

 A mechanical sound suddenly sounded in the early morning.

 This is also the first time in a long time that the system does not ring in the early morning.

“Ding, an unknown force intervention has been detected, and the system is being forcibly cleared!”

"please wait!"

                           ifies by

"five four three two one!"


 “Daily information has been refreshed!”

 “Open it or not?”

“Note, due to system interference, daily information is refreshed in advance, which does not affect the refresh time in the early morning!”

 The sound of the machine is the same as before, without any change.

However, at this moment, Thor's expression couldn't help but change instantly.

 Because the sound of the system at this moment is not early morning, but early morning, and more importantly, the content of the system prompt sound.

  Although it was just simple words, Thor could see something extraordinary in these simple words.

 It has been more than three years since I traveled through time.

 From the first time I used Goldfinger to now, I don’t know how many times it has been, but this is the first time such a scene has appeared.

 Even if he was in the ruins of a **** or in a foreign world, Golden Finger never let him down.

 But at this moment, not long after he left the Tulip Kingdom and arrived in the Raymond Kingdom, Goldfinger had an accident.

 For Thor, there is obviously nothing that shocks him more than this.

You must know that the reason why he has been able to reach this point is not his talent or family, but his golden fingers.

 Because of Goldfinger, he had all this.

If there was anything that went wrong, he couldn't accept it the most, and it was undoubtedly Goldfinger.


With his face constantly changing, Thor took a few deep breaths before gradually calming down.

Just when I spoke, I couldn't help but feel nervous. 【Daily information has been updated】

  1; The cold breath from the northern territory will sweep across the Abyss Canyon in three hours. After four hours, there is the only chance to step into the Abyss Canyon. You must come out within an hour, otherwise you will be lost in it forever. 】

   2: The turmoil in the Kingdom of Raymond is about to begin. A large number of nobles have died, causing the power of the entire kingdom to enter an unprecedented era of weakness. People from the Church of the Gods are sacrificing the great Lord of the Underworld here. 】

  【3: One day later,】

  4: Thirty miles to the west of you, a group of pig beasts will pass by in two hours! 】

  【5: Ten days later.】

6: Fifteen days later, huge turmoil occurred in the province west of Raymond. It seemed that a magical beast attacked a small town. More than 30,000 people in the entire town were bitten to death]

  7: Twenty days later, turmoil also occurred in the southern province of Raymond Kingdom, and a small town was destroyed by an inexplicable force]

  【8: Because your soul is extremely large, you have been watched by the will of the great Lord of the Underworld. The Church of the Gods has decided to sacrifice your soul to please the great Lord of the Underworld. 】

9: Twenty-five days later, when you were about to pass through the Raymond Kingdom, you were surrounded by one hundred and eight noble families of the Raymond Kingdom, and the Church of the Gods hid behind them. 】

  【10: You successfully escaped from the Raymond Kingdom, and then just stepped into the Black Riding Kingdom, but you were also surrounded by more than ten nobles, and you finally led the knights to kill them out】

 Lines of information appeared. This was the first time Thor had refreshed information during the day.

Moreover, most of the ten pieces of information are about himself.

Looking at the words in front of him, Thor felt his scalp tingling uncontrollably.

 “Lord of the Underworld!”

Muttering to himself, Thor couldn't help but think of the intervention of the unknown force that the system just mentioned.

I'm afraid if nothing unexpected happens, the intervention of this unknown force is the power of the Lord of the Underworld.

Of course, even though his scalp was numb, he couldn't help but breathe a sigh of relief. Judging from the daily intelligence, even the will of the Lord of the Underworld could not completely interfere with the daily intelligence system.

 Otherwise, it would be impossible for the daily information system to be refreshed.

 At best, it can be regarded as triggering the stress processing of the daily intelligence system.

Of course, this can be regarded as a reminder to Thor that Goldfinger is not omnipotent.

At this moment, a powerful **** can appear that can slightly affect the daily intelligence system. Then, will there really be a **** that can completely affect the daily intelligence system in the future?

 If that scene really happened, he would probably be in real danger.

Of course these thoughts are just passing by for now.

 For him at present, he does not need to consider these.

 At least, even the Lord of the Underworld has limited influence under the current circumstances, and other beings are even less likely to have an influence.

Lord of the Underworld, if Thor remembers well.

Only one person can claim to be qualified.

 That is Tartarus, the **** of darkness.

And Tartarus, the God of Darkness, is one of the most noble gods in this world. It is rumored that Tartarus, the God of Darkness, Chronos, the God of Space, and Amon-Ra, the God of Light, were finally born. The God of Life, his level is actually not inferior to that of the Lord of Gods.

Of course, even if he is inferior, it means that the God of Darkness is second only to the Lord of Gods.

For such a being, the will can only affect a little bit of the fluctuations of the golden finger. If you want to really affect it, even if the opponent actually comes, you may not be able to do it.

 This is undoubtedly the good news among the bad news.

 Shaked his head, retracting his thoughts that had flown away.

Thor quickly suppressed these thoughts.

 Compared to the unknown Lord of the Underworld who is still alive or not, he is now more focused on the remaining pieces of daily information about him.

 This time, among the daily intelligence updates, there is undoubtedly the most information about him.

 The eighth, ninth, and tenth articles are all about him.

And it can be expected that this is because only ten pieces of daily information are refreshed every day. Otherwise, there might be more than ten pieces.

 “Being targeted!”

Looking at the lines of text, Thor couldn't help but whisper.

Although he had already expected that he would encounter many problems during this trip, he did not expect that the problems would come so quickly.

And more importantly, it was the Church of the Gods that had the problem.

 This is not the first time Thor has come into contact with these madmen.

 The previous divine revelation event in the Northland Province had the involvement of the Church of the Gods.

 Just no close contact.

 Afterwards, Thor also had a clearer understanding of the Church of the Gods.

To be honest, Thor didn't really care too much about this group of guys.

To other people, these people are extremely hidden, like rats in a ditch. No matter how much they are dug out, they can’t dig them clean. From time to time, they can come out and disgust people, especially the major kingdoms and principalities. It can be said that they are gnashing their teeth.

 But for Thor, these people want to cause trouble.

 At least in his territory, it is almost impossible.

 After all, the daily intelligence system is there, and as long as there is a little accident, he can nip the danger in the bud.

 It is completely impossible to cause too much turmoil, which is difficult for even some powerful kingdoms to achieve.

 After all, the divine power possessed by the Church of the Gods is no joke.

Facing an empire, it may not be worth mentioning, but facing a kingdom, even a top-level kingdom like the Kingdom of Serra, the strength of the Church of the Gods cannot be underestimated.

 Suddenly Thor seemed to think of something.

His eyes instantly looked at the daily information in front of him.

 This sight made his pupils shrink violently.

“Fifteen days later, huge turmoil occurred in the province west of Raymond. It seemed that a magical beast attacked a small town. More than 30,000 people in the entire town were bitten to death.”

“Twenty days later, turmoil also broke out in the southern province of Raymond Kingdom, and a small town was destroyed by an inexplicable force!”

Speaking in a self-talking voice, Thor couldn't help but think of the similar information that had been refreshed in the daily information during this period.

 That’s right, it’s similar information.

 Over this period of time, there will not be too much daily information about the destruction of various small towns and the destruction of territories.

There are even count families among them, and these destroyed territories and small towns all have a common feature, that is, everyone is dead.

 Originally this was nothing.

 After all, the battle of nobles and the impact of monsters.

 All this is possible.

 With the addition of the Church of the Gods, the situation is completely different.

 Compared to Warcraft and the conflict between nobles, the Church of the Gods may be the best explanation.

 Because only the Church of the Gods requires a large amount of blood sacrifices, and can silently destroy small towns and territories one after another.

If you add the information obtained in the previous kingdom war.

At this moment, Thor felt cold sweat starting to break out on his forehead.

Others don’t know, but Thor knows that there are gods descending during the kingdom war, and it is precisely because of the arrival of gods that the kingdom war suffers heavy losses.

 If all this had been arranged, then the strength of the Church of the Gods might be even stronger than he imagined.

 And the danger he will face next may be even higher than what he just thought.

Especially at this moment, the daily intelligence said that he was noticed by the will of the Lord of the Underworld.

 He seemed to have become the best sacrifice.

(It can be understood that a top **** took action and interfered with time and destiny, causing the protagonist Goldfinger to have a temporary data disorder, but it was quickly repaired)

 (End of this chapter)

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