Fantasy Lords: Start with Daily Intelligence

Chapter 332: The Will of the Lord of the Underworld

Chapter 332 The Will of the Lord of the Underworld

Margrave Engel was narrating, and Thor was listening carefully. As Count Engel had traveled in various kingdoms, he knew a lot about the surrounding kingdoms. This understanding was of great help to Thor.

 After all, this time was his true journey, which was completely different from the previous one.

 Before, the farthest he had ever been was to reach the royal capital and participate in the kingdom's war.

 This time, he traveled tens of thousands of miles and reached the easternmost part of the continent.

 The kingdoms encountered and everything they had to face were completely different.

“The Kingdom of Sarka is extremely powerful, theoretically even more powerful than the Kingdom of Macedonia. Legend has it that their strength is even comparable to the Kingdom of Serra.”

Margrave Engel spoke thoughtfully.

 “Comparable to the Kingdom of Serra?”

Hearing Marquis Engel's words, Thor couldn't help but be stunned for a moment, and then made a surprised voice.

 Although it will take a long time, it is better than seeking death.

"I don't know much about these details, but there is no doubt about the strength of the Salka Kingdom. It is rumored that the king of the Salka Kingdom has even entered the realm of gods in the true sense, and the strength of the nobles is also very high. Powerful. Twenty years ago, I encountered an earth knight from the Salka Kingdom in the Purple Flower Kingdom. Even though I used the secret method, I was still defeated."

“But you can’t fight. Once you fight, the beads will be ineffective.”

I have to say that the Kingdom of Macedonia is indeed a big problem.

“The reason why they did not participate in the previous noble alliance competition was not because they were not strong enough, but because they were not included in the Kingdom War.”

 “I know, father!”

Margrave Engel spoke solemnly, and in his mind he could not help but recall the scene from twenty years ago.

Margrave Engel spoke softly.

Thor's original plan was to avoid it at worst.

It was also because of that time that he understood that the world was actually very big, and there were more strong people than he imagined.

 “Thank you, father!”

Having this mermaid bead will undoubtedly solve a lot of troubles.

“But this is actually not the case. Some kingdoms do not actually need to participate in kingdom wars, such as the Elf Kingdom and the Salka Kingdom. In addition, there are several powerful kingdoms that also do not need to participate in kingdom wars.”

At that time, he was very energetic and possessed the secret technique of the Phoenix. Even in the early stages of being an ordinary Sky Knight, Marquis Engel was not too worried.

 “It’s good that you know this!”

 This made him feel curious and solemn about the Salka Kingdom.

Thor also had a hint of surprise in his eyes. He knew how powerful his father's Phoenix Secret was, but he didn't expect that his father was almost defeated at the same level.

Thor spoke subconsciously and took the diamond-shaped crystal in his right hand.

Margrave Engel nodded slightly, and then seemed to think of something, and took out a diamond-shaped crystal from one of his drawers.

 “By the way, take this.”

“Okay, I’ll give you everything I can!”

 Listening to his father's explanation, Thor couldn't help but feel even more puzzled.

"This is a bead from the Eastern Mermaids. If you bring it with you, it should be enough to hide your appearance and breath. The Kingdom of Macedonia won't recognize you by then."

 “Theoretically yes!”

As soon as the crystal was taken out, it immediately emitted a soft light.

“Don’t worry too much. Compared to other kingdoms, the Salka Kingdom is relatively closed. You are just passing by, and there is a high probability that there won’t be any big problems.”


 He didn’t believe that the other side wouldn’t care.

Margrave Engel nodded slightly, seeming to understand the meaning of Thor's words, and explained softly.

Thor's eyes lit up.

Margrave Engel spoke softly and explained.

 The father and son then talked about some matters again.

 He did not expect that his father still had this good thing.

That is a large number of law fragments. Not to mention the powerful nobles of the Kingdom of Macedonia, even the King of Macedonia may not be willing to let him go.

"Besides that, there is the Kingdom of Macedonia. You have seen the strength of the Kingdom of Macedonia before. Our encounter with the Kingdom of Macedonia this time is not small. You should be careful when passing by."

“Father, don’t all countries have to participate in the Kingdom War?”

“You’ll have to rely on yourself next. Don’t worry about the territory. I’ll let Michael go there, which should be enough to ensure safety.”

"This is?"

 But in the end, in that battle, he failed to win the opponent, but was suppressed by the opponent.

 “Just wrap it with spiritual power!”

Thor nodded slightly.

Thor chose to bid farewell to Marquis Engel the next day and set foot on the road to the east again.

If you want to pass through the Tulip Kingdom, you still need to pass through the Frost Moon Province, part of the borders of the West Moon Province, and the entire East Moon Province before you can enter the nearby Raymond Kingdom.

But fortunately, he didn't bring anyone with him this time, and the group was still very fast.

 Just walking in the Frost Moon Province.

Even though his father said that Frosty Moon Province was relatively stable, Thor still felt the chaos of order.

 Fights are breaking out everywhere.

 On the mainland, there seem to be a lot more robbers.

However, under the **** of Thor and his group of powerful knights, we did not encounter them.

 But among the daily intelligence, relevant information is being refreshed almost every day.

 This point becomes even more obvious when entering the border of Xiyue Province.

Even on the first day he entered, Thor encountered a fight between two count families.

Although it is just an ordinary earl family and not a powerful earl family, this is extremely incredible.

 This kind of confusion did not occur until after entering the Dongyue Province.

It gradually calmed down.

 Compared to the West Moon Province and the Frost Moon Province, the East Moon Province is as stable as ever.

 The nobles still maintained their original trajectory without any problems.

 Thordu couldn't help but feel a trance.

 Until the group of people passed through the Winter Moon Province, truly left the Tulip Kingdom and arrived at the Raymond Kingdom.

This feeling of trance undoubtedly faded away instantly.

 Because compared to the Tulip Kingdom.

 The entire Raymond Kingdom is truly in chaos.

 This chaos is even worse than that of Xiyue Province.

 The first time he stepped in, Thor was involved in the battle between the two marquis families.

If we say that the fights between nobles in the Tulip Kingdom need to be hidden, for example, the fight between the two earl families in Xiyue Province was not a direct fight between the two families, but the two sides turned into bandits and clashed with each other.

Then the Raymond Kingdom, that is, the entire kingdom’s noble alliance does not hide it at all.

 A direct conflict broke out between the two marquis families.

The noble flags flying high and the family crests worn on the chests of the knights were enough to tell Thor that these guys were starting a war of nobles.

Even Thor's arrival triggered an attack by the two marquis families.

But the outcome is naturally predictable.

The strength of the Raymond Kingdom is inferior to that of the Tulip Kingdom, and the nobles of the Raymond Kingdom are also inferior to the nobles of the Tulip Kingdom.

Even if they are marquises, the strongest strength of these two families is only the peak of the earth knights, and even the number of earth knights does not exceed ten in either family. Thor's domain spread and suppressed these in an instant.

 “Big, sir!”

Feeling the spreading territory, the two marquises felt cold sweat in an instant.

  He walked over cautiously.

"what happened?"

"Each major kingdom should have regulations. Nobles cannot start noble wars at will, right?"

Thor frowned slightly and looked at the two of them with an ugly expression.

He didn't care if these guys beat him to death, but the problem was that these guys dared to attack him, which made him very angry.

“Sir, this is not our Serfur family’s problem, it’s their Hora family who attacked us!”

 One of the two marquises spoke quickly.

 “You’re talking nonsense!”

 As one person spoke, the other's expression changed and he quickly spoke.

"Shut up, I didn't ask you this. What I asked is that nobles cannot start noble wars at will."

Thor's face darkened, but he had no intention of listening to these guys' nonsense, so he couldn't help but snort coldly.

 Hearing Thor's words, both of them couldn't help hesitating.

“Forget it, I don’t care about you. Each of you will leave 50,000 gold coins. You can get out!”

Looking at the two hesitating people, Thor couldn't help but shake his head, and then he had no time to waste anymore.

 There is no other way, look at the expressions of these two people.

 It can be obviously guessed that there is a high probability that Raymond Kingdom will not care about it.

 Perhaps even more serious than the Tulip Kingdom.

 “Thank you, sir!”

The two of them looked at each other, their faces twitching, but they quickly agreed.

Fifty thousand gold coins is undoubtedly a big expense for them, but in this situation, they can only admit defeat.

 After a while, the two families handed over one hundred thousand gold coins.

Thor also let them go directly.

The Raymond Kingdom is not as small as the Tulip Kingdom. In the words of an ordinary marquis, 50,000 gold coins are enough to be a considerable amount of money.

It was enough to make up for his unhappiness.

 Only, Thor let the two of them go.

 But then we will gradually go deeper into the Raymond Kingdom.

 His brows could not help but frown more and more.

 The situation seemed to be worse than he imagined.

  If the Tulip Kingdom is a mess, then as mentioned before, the Raymond Kingdom is really in chaos.

 Nobles are fighting everywhere.

Even Thor and his party were attacked more than a dozen times while walking in the Raymond Kingdom.

 Most of these were done by nobles.

 Among them are counts and marquises.

There is even a marquis family that Thor has heard of.

 It is conceivable what kind of chaos the entire Raymond Kingdom is in.

“Marco, don’t stay here anymore, leave Raymond Kingdom as soon as possible!”

  An army of knights was defeated again. This time Thor did not even ask for ransom, but frowned and spoke.

At this moment, he felt that the atmosphere in the entire Raymond Kingdom was a little unusual.

Even though the daily intelligence system has not prompted anything yet, he thinks it is better to leave here as soon as possible.

 “You humans are really a mess!”

Avila couldn’t help but muttered in a low voice.


 Marco responded respectfully.

 At this moment, he also felt a tension in the atmosphere.

 The group of people then sped up on their way.

 Far away, in the eastern part of Raymond Kingdom.

 A group of men in black robes gathered together.

If there are any nobles here at this moment, they will be surprised to find that this place is one of the official residences of the Sac Duke family in the Kingdom of Raymond.

 But this moment should have been the domain of the nobility.

But they have been gathered by countless men in black robes.

Even the old man, the Duke of Sac, can only stay outside the courtyard.

 Like a servant.

 In a huge dark room.

Soon streaks of green flames burned.

 “The Kingdom of Raymond is in complete chaos. It will only take three more months before the great **** is about to come.”

 A man in black robes spoke with enthusiasm.

“Three months, isn’t it too long? Once discovered by the empire, I’m afraid it won’t be completed.”

 As one person speaks, the other person cannot help but speak.

The Empire is undoubtedly the Sword of Damocles hanging over their heads.

 Compared to the Empire, their strength is really inferior, and even most of the gods are not comparable to the Empire.

 Three months, which made them a little worried.

"Don't worry, the empire will not find out that the power of the great God of the Underworld has been projected on this continent. The two empire gods and all the higher gods have gone to the Magnolia Continent. No one can pass through. The great Lord of the Underworld sees through this destiny."

 The man in black robe who spoke first spoke with a smile.

 The look on his face was full of pride.

Even if it is just a ray of power projection from the great Lord of the Underworld, no one will be able to detect all these changes because all the superior gods and even the beings above have left in the empire.

 “Hahaha, the great **** is coming soon.”

 “These dirty old humans should be washed.”

 “Humanity should be washed!”

 “This is the world of gods!”

 “Praise be to the great gods, praise be to my Lord!”

 The voices were mixed together, and the fanaticism in the eyes of each man in black became more and more intense.

 At this moment, they saw unlimited hope.

That is the infinite hope for the gods to come to the world.

As long as they can grasp it, the light of the gods will be able to spread across the entire continent and drive away all the darkness.

 At least that’s what they think at this moment.

 (End of this chapter)

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