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Chapter 315: Margrave Engel: The Spencer family is so stupid

Chapter 315: Marquis Engel: Are the Spencer family out of their minds? ?

The registration of the territory is not a very cumbersome matter. He only needs to submit the map and range to the Tulip King to complete it. However, since the Northland Province is far enough away from the king's capital, it may take a long time to completely determine the territory. It will take two to three months to completely complete.

However, Thor is not in a hurry about this.

 After arranging for someone to handle it.

 He immediately began to deal with matters related to the Eagle Territory.

 The presence of a large number of affairs officers and the general affairs officer has undoubtedly reduced his workload a lot.

However, it does not require processing at all.

 More than half a year has passed, and there is still a backlog of things.

 It took Thor almost a week to deal with all the backlog of things in the entire territory.

 After all the backlogged matters were dealt with, Thor immediately began to work on the future prospects of the entire territory.

 At this moment, this person is less than forty years old.

 Generally powerful nobles will not receive such great preferential treatment. At most, they can only pay a few gold coins.

 In the area of ​​Thor's circle, there are more than a hundred pioneer lords, as well as seven barons who have been canonized one after another.

Thinking about what he had experienced along the way, he became even more grateful and admiring for Thor.

The Young Eagle Knights have no personnel restrictions. Students who can graduate from the Knight Academy and pass the examination can join the Young Eagle Knights.

 Not to mention helping them migrate, we must also limit the time for their migration.

The quill in Thor's hand was writing slowly.

 With the growth of population and the construction of colleges, over time, counterfeiting has appeared.

 The Knights were also reorganized.

Thor also made a promise to the pioneer knights who joined the Eagle Ridge, that is, they will be given the opportunity to be ennobled as barons in the future, and they will directly join the Eagle Knights.

 Either choose to join Thor, or you can only choose to get a reward and move the territory.

 The entire Xiongying Ridge also began to move at this moment.

Of course this is just a plan. At present, the number of knights in Eagle Ridge is only two thousand, and this is plus the personnel who prepare knights.

Thor is busy.

Divided into four knightly orders.

 Coupled with the addition of more than a dozen pioneer knights this time, the number of knights is bound to see a surge.

Thor was also very happy and sent the Eagle Chamber of Commerce men and horses to cooperate. Although he would not give them a brand new territory like Baron Pape and Baron Jozy Albibi, in addition to a certain amount of gold coin compensation, he also gave them Receive a 10% discount on purchases from the Eagle Chamber of Commerce.

If we simply count trainee knights and above, the number of knights in Eagle Ridge is now less than 500. With such a small number, it would be difficult to form even a knighthood.

Of course, this kind of negotiation is only "in name". As earls and the de facto uncrowned kings of the entire Northland Province at this moment, these people, whether they are pioneer lords or nobles, knights have no right to choose.

Among them, the Eagle Knights are the absolute main force. Thor's initial plan is to have a scale of more than 500 people. Knights who want to join the Eagle Knights must have at least the strength of a formal knight, the Fiery Eagle Knights, and the Swift Eagle Knights. The second-tier knights, also with a size of 500, need to be at least as strong as a trainee knight.

 “Steve, look at this!”

 He never thought that he would be able to reach the Earth Knight in this life.

A week later, with the top-level knight breathing method and three bottles of mid-level life potions, Steve finally crossed the threshold of the peak of the great knight and stepped into the realm of the earth knight.

 Faced with this choice.

 Under his plan is the construction plan for the next three years.

 Although he had already thought a lot about it when he returned, he still quickly made a complete plan if he wanted to implement it thoroughly.

 Seven pioneering nobles all chose to move their territories.

Even Steve himself felt a little dazed.

 But at this moment, this incredible level has been reached.

 Thor does not need to be completed in a day or two.

But Thor is not in a hurry about this.

 If you want to classify these territories as Eagle Ridge, you need to negotiate with these people.

 He knew that without Thor, he would have no hope of reaching this point.

Although they have to leave their own territory, the reward Thor gives them is already extremely good.

This is the Earth Knight. His biggest imagination before was that he could break through to the peak of the Great Knight.

Beside him is Steve.

They are the Eagle Knights, the Fierce Eagle Knights, the Swift Eagle Knights, and the Young Eagle Knights that existed from the very beginning.

 The seven pioneering nobles were also extremely satisfied with this.

 In addition to the seven pioneer lords, there were hundreds of pioneer knights, including a dozen pioneer knights. After thinking for a moment, they decided to join Eagle Ridge.

 In the study.

 In the study.

While thinking, Thor's voice rang out, and at the same time the paper in his hand was handed over.

 “Okay, okay!”

 Steve woke up from a trance and quickly took the paper Thor was writing on.

 His eyes looked over involuntarily.

At this sight, Steve's eyes widened instantly, and his eyes instantly looked at Thor.


Thor smiled and spoke.

“Sir, this expenditure may exceed hundreds of thousands of gold coins a year!”

Steve took a deep breath and spoke with a sense of shock.

 “Indeed, but that’s not a problem.”

“I want you to see if, at this scale, the construction of the Knights can be on track within three years!”

Thor nodded, and then spoke in a deep voice.

“In three years, we should be able to complete the preliminary construction!”

“But if you want to achieve results, I’m afraid it will take five or even ten years.”

 Taking a deep breath, Steve nodded slightly.

 “That’ll do!”

"Take this thing down and study it carefully. I will ask Joseph to cooperate with you."

Thor nodded slightly.

 It would take five or even ten years to achieve results, so he naturally expected it. After all, practice is not that easy. In Dressrosa Castle, even with such huge resources, there are not no heirs of Dressrosa who cannot condense the seeds of life before the age of eighteen, let alone What's more, it is even more difficult to choose among a large number of civilians.

 After all, in this world, knight training actually depends on talent, and talent is actually more about blood.

 The higher your bloodline, the higher your natural talents.

If you have an ordinary bloodline, the probability of high talent will undoubtedly be much lower, unless there is some top-level existence above your ancestors.

But Thor does not need to expect everyone. He has a school and can completely screen. As long as the base is large enough, there will always be some geniuses. He only needs to expand the cultivation of these geniuses.


 Steve responded respectfully, and then slowly backed away with what Thor had written.

 “The merit system also needs to be changed!”

Thor muttered to himself, his thoughts falling into deep thought.

 With the expansion of territory, there are obviously some problems with the previously established merit system.

The simplest thing is that the merit systems of freedmen, slaves and knights overlap too much, which is actually not conducive to management and statistics.

Thinking of this, Thor immediately sat down again and began to pick up the quill.

 During this period, he planned to modify the merit points.

 The first step is to separate the merit points of knights from those of free people and slaves.

At the same time, the difficulty of obtaining each other’s merit points can be reduced as much as possible.

 In this way, the development of the entire territory can be further accelerated.

 It is not that easy to perfect the entire merit system, especially the scope of the territory today is not comparable to that before.

 After a few days of perfecting it.

Thor convened a large number of affairs officers and began to conduct unified discussions and planning.

 With the return of Thor, the development of the entire territory has undoubtedly reached a higher level again.

 First of all, the large amount of materials Thor brought from the royal capital has once again improved the development level of the entire Eagle Territory.

  Secondly, the planning and construction of the territory.

 With such a huge area included in the territory, it can be expected that the most important construction task for the entire Eagle Ridge in the next two to three years will be.

 Construction undoubtedly means that slaves, freedmen, and even knights have more opportunities to obtain meritorious deeds.

In Thor's territory, not only freedmen and slaves need to be busy with construction, but even knights also need to participate in construction.

 With enough merit points as a subsidy, a knight will not have any reluctance.

Especially this time, the large amount of supplies in the kingdom allows the Eagle Ridge Knights to redeem more supplies, which is even more so.

 half a month later.

When the outline of Thor's merit system had just come out, the first batch of people transported by Marquis Engel had already arrived at Eagle Ridge, with more than 30,000 people. Marquis Engel would transport three more groups of people in the future, but this time needs time.

 It is expected to take almost a year to complete.

Of course, with this first batch of people, Thor's construction speed will undoubtedly be accelerated by another level.

 At least those few resource points can be developed in the first batch.

Of course, Thor does not need to arrange these. With the assistance of Joseph and many other affairs officers, it can be easily completed.

Not to mention, this time Marquis Engel once again sent him more than twenty affairs officers, which was more than enough.

Time passes slowly, and Eagle Ridge is in full swing.

 A large amount of supplies and gold coins were spent.

Thor even had to go through the kingdom's channels to exchange more than half a million merit points a month later to meet the construction needs.

Of course, with such a massive amount of resources being spilled out, the construction of the entire territory would be unimaginable in both speed and scale.

 Thor This is not even built on the scale of an earl territory, it is almost comparable to the scale of a marquis territory, and it is not the scale of an ordinary marquis territory, at least the scale of a powerful marquis territory.

 And it is not just Xiongying Ridge that is beginning to develop greatly at this moment.

 Back in the Northland Province, the nobles of the Eagle Chamber of Commerce also started large-scale construction matters.

 The entire Northland province is quietly undergoing changes.

 The Frost Moon Province is also undergoing changes.

  Earl Engel was originally promoted to Marquis, and the scope of his territory was a big problem for the Dressrosa family.

 Unless you choose the Northland Province or the border of the South Moon Province, it is difficult to have enough territory for a marquis within the Tulip Kingdom.

 It can’t be resisted. In this kingdom war, the entire Tulip Kingdom’s nobles suffered heavy losses.

 This kind of heavy losses is already obvious in the royal capital, and it is even more obvious in the major provinces.

The entire Shuangyue Province was emptied of half of its great nobles, and the Xiyue Province was completely purged from beginning to end.

Even more fortunately, the last strength of the Spencer family attacked Thor some time ago and wiped out all of them. A vacuum immediately appeared in the eastern part of the West Moon Province. The Spencer family was simply unable to control such a huge area.

Coupled with the fact that the western part of Frost Moon Province is now located, the entire Dressrosa family seems to have enough space all of a sudden.

During this period of time, Margrave Engel has been busy working within the territory.

 In the Castle of Dressrosa.

 “Spencer family, what do you say over there?”

Margrave Engel spoke calmly and looked at Michael.

“The Spencer family is willing to cede three hundred miles of territory within Qinghai Lake in the west, but we need to stop pursuing the previous matter and pay one million gold coins or a bottle of high-level life potion.”

 Michael spoke.


Hearing Michael's words, Marquis Engel couldn't help but be stunned for a moment, thinking that he heard wrongly, and subconsciously asked.

"Yes, sir, this is the response from the Spencer family."

Michael nodded, with a smile on his face.

 “Are they crazy?”

Marquis Engel's eyes had a cold light.

 He really didn’t expect that under such circumstances, the Spencer family could make such a decision.

 One million gold coins and a bottle of high-level life potion. The other party is really crazy.

All the sky knights have fallen, and the elite forces have suffered heavy losses. They still dare to do this. He simply can't imagine what's wrong with the minds of those people.

 Otherwise, Marquis Engel would never be able to understand the other party's current behavior and requirements.

 (End of this chapter)

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