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Chapter 316: The destruction of the Spencer family

Chapter 316 The Destruction of the Spencer Family

Although Marquis Engel could not understand the Spencer family's brain-twitching behavior, he did not intend to pay attention to it. One million gold coins and a high-level life potion were not a joke.

 Even he slowed down further plans for the Spencer family.

 Since the other party wanted to seek death, he had no intention of helping him.

“Michael, where are the earls in the eastern and northern parts of Frostmoon Province?”

Taking a deep breath, Marquis Engel looked at Michael again and spoke in a deep voice.

"My lord, Count Christine in the east has decided to sell two small towns, including Qiuye Town, to us. We only need to pay one hundred thousand gold coins. As for Count Abibra and Count Vega in the north, They also have the intention to sell, but they have a condition.”

Michael thought for a moment, then spoke.


Margrave Engel frowned slightly.

"Yes, they only have one condition. They don't need gold coins, but they require our Dressrosa family to provide them with a certain degree of protection in the next three years to ensure that their territory can be passed on smoothly."

 In Spencer's huge castle.

 The figures gathered one after another, and anxiety could not help but spread on their faces.

The Spencer family has been inherited for more than eight hundred years, and it has taken more than four hundred years to become a powerful marquis. During such a long time, there is absolutely no doubt about the wealth owned by the Spencer family.

 Suddenly, these nobles could no longer hold themselves back.

 But at this moment, the Spencer family has become a huge pie in the eyes of all families.

Michael naturally saw the frown of Marquis Engel, nodded slightly, and then told the two counts's request.

There were many people who had ideas about Tordressrosa before, but in the end, few of them dared to take action.

 The leader is a young man.

 “Three years?”

The entire Spencer family, the old Marquis was wiped out in the Kingdom War, and the new Marquis who succeeded him was killed in the attack on Tordressrosa. Along with the Spencer family, not only the last Sky Knight They all fell into it, and there were still a lot of elite forces.

 From the very beginning, only goods were robbed, but gradually people were also robbed.

 First of all, it was the Spencer family. The caravans going out began to be attacked frequently.

At this moment, the Spencer family is not only inferior to the powerful marquis family, but even compared to some powerful earl families.


Margrave Engel’s declaration, the most important thing is not the issue of compensation.

 But gradually, everyone discovered that the Spencer family’s strength had indeed been lost.

And unlike the Tordressrosa family, the Spencer family is in almost no danger at the moment.

 “Michael, do this yourself!”

Instead, he told all the nobles that the Spencer family had a deadly feud with their Dressrosa family this time.

 It was just a trial at first.

Marquis Engel's eyes were filled with cold light and he spoke slowly.

Even the Earth Knights sent out might not be able to come back.

"As for the Spencer family, send someone to bring me a message. Our Dressrosa family strongly condemns the Spencer family's attack on our Dressrosa heirs, and they must pay corresponding compensation. Since Tordressrosa was not harmed, let’s set it at 200,000 gold coins!”

And what makes them even more panicked is that they seem to be unable to solve it at all. They do still have several earth knights, but facing the huge marquis territory, they cannot take care of them at all.

 And it was not just the Spencer family, a powerful marquis family, that suffered heavy losses in the kingdom's war. A large number of marquis families and earl families also suffered heavy losses.

 Start to deal with these things quickly.

 It was only for three years, and if it was only to protect the inheritance of their territory, this would not be a big problem for the Dressrosa family at this moment.

 The risks they face when taking action are almost non-existent, and they can even please the rising stars of the Tulip Kingdom at the moment.

 Suddenly the entire Spencer family became a little worried.

 Michael nodded and agreed directly.

 This declaration may not be of much use in ordinary times.

And like the Spencers, these families were eager to fill their shortfalls.

Hearing Michael’s explanation, Marquis Engel’s frown immediately subsided.

 “That’s fine!”

 But at this moment, the significance of this publicity is extremely huge.

 After all, Spencer’s family is powerful enough.

Especially in Xiyue Province, many nobles felt their hearts trembling.

With the announcement of Marquis Engel's declaration, the entire Xiyue Province suddenly became commotion.

 Then his figure retreated.

At the same time, various resource points in Spencer began to be attacked by bandits one after another.

 And when there is throbbing, it is undoubtedly action.

In addition, there are a dozen old people in their eighties or nineties.

 These are the current core members of the Spencer family.

With the last Marquis of Spencer taking away the elite forces, the Spencer family could only choose the taller ones from the short ones, and singled out some members of the Spencer family who had already been eliminated.

However even so.

  Today, the number of earth knights in the Spencer family is only less than five.

 There were eight Earth Knights before.

 Can be attacked everywhere.

 They had to dispatch some earth knights.

 But these people were dispatched and disappeared silently within a few days.

“Hasn’t there been any news from the Kingdom?”

 An old man spoke in a low voice, his face a little ugly.


 After a moment of silence, another old man spoke.

“Damn it, why is it so slow this time? Wasn’t the last canonization ceremony of the kingdom completed in ten days?”

 The old man's ugly expression seemed to become more intense, and he couldn't help but speak again.

However, no one could answer him at this moment.

 In the entire conference room, the remaining people had anxious and ugly expressions on their faces.

No one expected that the entire Spencer family would take a turn for the worse.

The Spencer family, which was originally prosperous, suffered changes one after another before its glory could begin. First, the strongest member of the Spencer family was defeated by Count Engel more than a year ago. Then, in the Kingdom War not long ago, the Spencer family completely annihilated.

 Following them, the Marquis, whom they trusted, and the remaining elite members of his family were also buried.

Now the new Marquis canonization seems to be stuck again.

 At the moment, those big families haven’t taken action against them personally, that’s because they are still the Marquis family. But if the canonization of the kingdom is delayed, the consequences will be difficult to predict.

“Tell me, did the Kingdom get some news and suspend our title conferment?”

In the midst of anxiety, a voice suddenly spoke.


 The old man who spoke first suddenly blurted out his words again.

"Nothing is impossible. We attacked Tordressrosa. Don't forget that the Dressrosa family is valued by the king and the three Dukes."

 The deep voice spoke again.

 But at this moment, even if the old man who spoke first opened his mouth, he didn't know what to say.

 “Then, what should we do?”

 After a long time, an old man spoke in a hoarse voice.

 “Where are those people!”

“Didn’t they encourage the Marquis to take action? We have done what they asked, and now it is not their turn to fulfill their promise.”

Suddenly, another figure spoke.

"Huh, I've already said that those guys are unreliable. If we don't listen to them, even if our Spencer family will decline accordingly, we won't be in the current situation."

 “Yes, those guys are not easy to work with.”

 Following this sound, someone soon couldn't help but snort coldly.

 Subsequently, someone else echoed.

“Feililun, that’s not what you said before.”

“Why, you didn’t have any objections to my decision to cooperate with them before, but now you have your objections.”

 “And you, Jahir, why didn’t you bring it up before.”

 “Hmph, I said it directly, do you listen?”

"Those guys have almost become rats in the ditch. What on earth do you think? You actually want to cooperate with them. Once you are discovered, do you know the consequences?"

“The consequences, no matter how bad the consequences are, can it be worse than the annihilation of the whole family?”

"Don't you know how many families we have offended? My uncle had nothing to do there before, but he has not been able to come back. Our family will be destroyed sooner or later. If we don't cooperate with them, are we waiting for death?"

“And, don’t forget, when the One came, did he give us a choice? Do we have a choice?”

One voice after another spoke, and soon the conference room fell into a quarrel.

 This kind of quarrel continues.

  The middle-aged man above could not help but frown slightly.


  A low voice sounded.

 As the middle-aged man spoke, the entire conference room fell silent.

“Everyone, now is not the time to think about how we should deal with the next crisis.”

Looking at the figures in the conference room, the middle-aged man couldn't help but sigh. At this moment, he still suppressed the irritability in his heart and spoke softly.

“Twelve, we really can only rely on them this time.”

 “In this way, this time I will go over to discuss with them in person.”

 After his voice spoke, a person stood up and spoke softly.

As he opened his mouth, some people subconsciously wanted to object, but they opened their mouths or closed them.

 After all, he couldn't think of any other way to deal with it.

“That’s it, uncle, please go there yourself!”

 The middle-aged man rubbed his brows and said softly.


 The figure nodded and agreed directly.

“Twelve, how should we respond to the Dressrosa family?”

 After the figure responded, one person frowned and spoke.

“Hmph, how do you reply? The fact that our Spencer family has reached this point is only because of their Dressrosa family.”

"Two hundred thousand gold coins, they are dreaming, telling them that this is impossible, and we did not attack them. Do they need to explain to us why our Lord Spencer died on the border of their Frosty Moon Province?"

 As some people spoke, others couldn't help but snort.

They are extremely resentful towards the Dressrosa family. Especially now that the Dressrosa family has become the Marquis family, this resentment is even more intense.


While some people snorted coldly, others were hesitant.

After all, the power of the Spencer family has been reduced infinitely at this moment, so it is not appropriate to offend the Dressrosa family in this way.

“Feili Lun, you don’t think that the Dressrosa family will let it go if we really pay two hundred thousand gold coins as compensation.”

“Even if we pay two hundred thousand gold coins, it won’t end here.”

The old man who spoke before couldn't help but snorted.

 Others were also slightly silent, and that was the fact.

Even if they don't admit it, the Spencer family attacked Tordressrosa, but the fact is the fact.

Let alone conclusive evidence, even if there is no evidence, as long as they are suspicious of each other, the relationship has already been established, and it is not something they want to let go.

In this case, people like the Spencer family don't want to block it at all. In their opinion, it can't be blocked anyway, so why not break the jar and throw it away.

Maybe by targeting the Dressrosa family in this way, they can gain support from other hostile Dressrosa families.

It's just obvious that they didn't think about one thing, that is, their strength is no longer what it was before.

If it were before, their actions would indeed resonate with other families. After all, the Dressrosa family has grown to this day and has offended many families. Especially now that the Dressrosa family is going to be promoted to a powerful marquis. As well as the top Marquis, the power touched is undoubtedly more.

 It is easy to create hostile alliances.

 As for hostile alliances, they are also at the same level.

And today's Spencer family is obviously unworthy.

  Not only are these unworthy, the Spencer family sent to look for that group of people, but no one was seen.

 As for the previous so-called promises.

 At this moment it is tantamount to farting.

 Such a result undoubtedly made the Spencer family even more panicked.

 When the Spencer family finally felt that something was wrong, the other nobles finally did not hold back and began to take further action.

Especially after learning that the new marquis of the Spencer family had not yet been canonized, he no longer cared about it.

 (End of this chapter)

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