Enter the Immortal Cultivation

Enter the Immortal Cultivation


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Normal version:
When a researcher travels to a world where scientific methods are used to explore the universe...
Wang Qi: Our slogan is - Learn math, physics and chemistry well, and you won't be afraid of practicing Taoism!
CCTV10 version:
Why is "The Evolution of Heaven" related to the theory of evolution? What is the relationship between the Misty Cloud Sword and the Probability Cloud? How do practitioners build a Taoist atomic bomb? How is quantum mechanics reflected in Taoism? Why is the peerless strongman ten thousand years ago and the old man with the ring today evaluated as "misleading" and "useless"? What is the connection between Quantum Master Bo Er, the Taoist Heisenbao, and Taitian Tianzun Ai Ci Tan and the great scientists Bohr, Heisenberg, and Einstein? Let's follow the host, oh no, the protagonist Wang Qi, and enter today's "Into the Immortal Cultivation" to explore the secrets of scientific cultivation.

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