Doupo: His understanding is incredible, and he shocked Yao Lao at the beginning!

Doupo: His understanding is incredible, and he shocked Yao Lao at the beginning!


491 Chapters Ongoing Status


Xiao Yan awakened his heaven-defying understanding, created the "Innate Fetal Breathing Technique" while still in his mother's womb, and began to practice it.
Since then, a genius with incredible understanding has appeared in Dou Qi Continent.
[You have long observed the operating rules of a large number of Dou Zhi Qi cultivation methods, combined with your own insights, you have an epiphany, and created an automatically operating version of the Dou Zhi Qi cultivation method, greatly increasing the training time. 】
[If you carefully observe the Baji Beng Dou skills, you will have an epiphany, and you will be able to master the dark energy in one day. 】
[You have been observing the soul body Yao Lao for a long time, and you have an epiphany. You have created the soul body nemesis of the soul palace, Li Ling. Devour the power of all souls and strengthen your body! 】
[You run Burning Jue repeatedly, you have an epiphany, and you create a new way of practicing Burning Jue. 】
Yao Lao was shocked, could he still practice Burning Technique like this?
a few years later.
Nalan Yanran, who broke off the engagement, turned pale: "Strong Fighting Emperor?! Even if you are extremely qualified, how can the Xiao family provide you with the resources to grow?"
Yun Yun was flustered: "I didn't expect that the Xiao Yan Yan Ran mentioned was actually you!"
The waiter lifted up the weak Queen Medusa and lightly pursed her red lips: "Is this what you mean by cultivation?"

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