Douluo: Antagonist System, Starting Off by Smacking Yu Xiaogang's Face

Douluo: Antagonist System, Starting Off by Smacking Yu Xiaogang's Face


297 Chapters Ongoing Status


After accidentally traveling to Douluo Continent, Li Xiao only had level six innate soul power when he awakened his martial soul.

Because Wuhun is an ordinary spear, he was eventually introduced to Notting College by Wuhun Palace Su Yuntao and became a working student there.

By chance, Li Xiao met Yu Xiaogang, a master known as the symbol of wisdom in Douluo Continent. In order to survive, Li Xiao worshiped Yu Xiaogang as his teacher.

But in the past three years, no matter how hard Li Xiao worked, he could only improve his soul power to the fourth level.

In order to prevent Li Xiao from tarnishing his reputation, the master who was a theoretical genius abandoned Li Xiao in the Soul Beast Forest when he obtained the first soul ring again.

On the road to perfection, Li Xiao became extremely desperate and obtained the "Villain System". He even joined a mercenary group and went to the far north, a forbidden area for humans, to experience.

It's been eleven years since I left.

Eleven years passed in a blink of an eye. After going through a lot of hardships, Li Xiao relied on his own perseverance to finally reach the realm of Titled Douluo.

But it was discovered that today's Douluo Continent has long been changed, and friends from the past have returned to their old lives.

Master: "You are still alive, how is this possible?!"

Tang San: "Hurt my teacher, and you will die!"

PS: "Decisive Killing" and "Not the Holy Mother"

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