Beastmaster, My Information is Updated Daily

Beastmaster, My Information is Updated Daily


161 Chapters Ongoing Status


The world of beast control

During the awakening ceremony, Ye Bai accidentally obtained the Daily Intelligence System. With the assistance of the Daily Intelligence System, he began to cultivate pet beasts and cut off resources.

[Daily information has been updated]

[1: People who have awakened the talent of the Eye of Insight, and their blood drips on the Seven Apertures Exquisite Jade, can activate the Seven Apertures Exquisite Jade and copy the talent of the Eye of Insight]

[2. Li Weiyang will be shot at five o’clock this afternoon. 】

[3. The Qianbian Silkworm is very similar to the Qianbian Silkworm. The only difference is that the Qianbian Silkworm has a faint jade-like light between its eyebrows. 】

[4. Principal Liu Hang of Shenshan Middle School, who is known as having long and flowing hair, is actually bald. In order to effectively cure his baldness, he has become obsessed with it. 】

[5. Among the pet beast resources distributed by Shenshan Middle School, the resource pack numbered 38 was mixed with fifth-level resources, life spirit seeds. 】

Ye Bai! ! !

Principal Liu, you don’t want everyone to know the secret of your baldness.


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