After Picking Up the Lucky Girl, the Whole Village Became Prosperous

After Picking Up the Lucky Girl, the Whole Village Became Prosperous


94 Chapters Completed Status


Introduction: (Rebirth + Farming + Magical Cave + Abuse of Scum + Getting Rich)

Jiang Sanlang picked up a newborn baby girl from a grave and raised her as his own daughter. Not long after, his wife, who had been infertile for ten years, became pregnant with twins.

Immediately afterwards, good things continued to happen to the Jiang family, from poverty to prosperity step by step.

Everyone in the village envied the Jiang family’s good luck and wanted to be blessed by the little fairy boy.

Ying Bao waved her little hand: Come on, come on, come and plant snow fungus with me. I will ensure that you have enough to eat in one year, get rich in two years, and reach the peak of your life in three years.

In the end, the villagers really became rich and envied other villages.

Suddenly one day, the family who abandoned the baby girl came to the door and asked the Jiang family to return the child.

The whole village was angry and stood in front of the door: Bah! Whoever dares to come and snatch the child away from me should taste my fist first.

. . .

Ying Bao died and was reborn. She never expected that she was actually a cannon fodder in the storybook. Everything she encountered was to promote the plot.

In this life, Ying Bao resolutely stayed away from the heroine and the supporting role, stayed away from all plots, and led her adoptive parents and younger brother to live a good life and make a fortune.


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