A washed-up martial arts master reborn thirty years ago

A washed-up martial arts master reborn thirty years ago


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Traveling to another world is not a pleasant experience.
Thirty years ago, Yang Qingyun traveled to this world.
A few days after traveling through time, bandits attacked the village, and he was kidnapped and sold into a mine as a slave. He spent three unimaginable dark years.
After finally escaping from the mine, he was cautious without a golden finger, and worked hard to practice martial arts while using the knowledge from his previous life to improve himself.
After fifteen years of hard work, he finally reached the martial arts training level and became a first-class master in the Southern Wilderness Martial Arts.
However, fate plays a trick.
Three years of brutal oppression in the mines had dried up the essence of his body, and the way forward was already cut off!
Soon after,
The spiritual energy is revived, and the great world is coming!
The explosion of martial arts, with more warriors, easier breakthroughs, and a more prosperous martial arts world, has caused the status of warriors in Zangzang realm to gradually retreat from the ranks of first-rate masters to second-rate, and then from second-rate to third-rate, and finally completely be submerged!
In the blink of an eye, the results of the previous fifteen years of hard work were finally submerged in the torrent of the vast era, and could no longer make any waves!
Yang Qingyun's future was cut off. Even though he was unwilling to do anything, even though he put in more than ten times the effort of ordinary people, he was still unable to change the reality. He could only watch as he gradually became obsolete and became ordinary.
Until one day ten years later, Yang Qingyun, who was dragging his scarred body with his temples full of wind and frost, followed the crowd to escape a huge war. On the way, he encountered the immortals and gods in the nine heavens fighting. The horrific aftermath swept thousands of miles and affected him. He was shocked to death on the spot. Annihilation.
When Yang Qingyun opened his eyes again,
He discovered that he was reborn thirty years ago, the day before the bandits attacked!

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