One Punch Hunter

One Punch Hunter


333 Chapters Completed Status


This book is an invincible book that strives to make the plot reasonable and not a cliché.
A mysterious virus broke out, and the earth ushered in a great era of catastrophe, which also opened the road of infinite evolution for mankind!
The protagonist who can solve any enemy with one punch originally lived a secluded life in the ruins of the city.
He accidentally got involved in the center of the world and accidentally encountered cosmic civilization.
What's the big deal about blowing up the earth with one punch? Since he is invincible, then the journey is of course to the sea of ​​stars!
So what if he is the master of the universe who has lived for billions of epochs? All creatures in the universe are my prey!
So, this is a story about an invincible protagonist who beats the entire universe, which makes people feel infinite sympathy for the villain.

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