Chapter 65

Those Canglan Empire students finally felt that the situation was not good, and the strength of that young man greatly exceeded their expectations.

If they hadn't seen it with their own eyes, they would never have imagined that the young man had the ability to suppress Chen Yan, who had awakened the acquired spirit body.

On the other side, Jiang Yuexin covered her small mouth in surprise.

Although she always knew that Ji You's strength was very strong, she never thought that Ji You's true strength could be so terrifying.

In fact, Jiang Yuexin's heart is okay, Jiang Yueyue directly looks like she doubts life.

Not long ago, she was a martial arts talent in Chaoyang Ancient City, but she was defeated by Chen Yan in three moves a few days ago, stealing the name of martial arts talent on the first day.

Originally, she was still a little worried about Ji You, but this guy beat Chen Yan to the point where there was almost no room to fight back.

"Before the third move, are you already dead?" At

this moment, Ji You looked at Chen Yan with a playful face and smiled.

From that confrontation just now, he had almost sensed that Chen Yan's specific cultivation was in the middle of the Imperial Xuan Realm.

I have to say that after this dog thief awakened the acquired spirit body, his cultivation strength improved really quickly, and it was no wonder that he was able to defeat Jiang Yue in three moves.

However, this cultivation alone is not worth mentioning in front of him at all.

What's more, he has also mastered two low-level mystical skills, which are not at all beyond the reach of this dog thief.


"Chen Yan wanted to speak, but he couldn't speak because of the unbearable pain.

"It's time for it to end. The

playful smile on Ji You's face disappeared instantly, replaced by endless coldness.

His fist once again condensed a strong Xuan Qi, ready to use this punch to end Chen Yan's dog life.

"No, no!" Chen

Yan's eyes were full of horror, and he kept shaking his head to ask for mercy.

He knew that after this punch, he would probably really die.

"Let him go!" At

this moment, the tutor of the Canglan Imperial Academy finally couldn't sit still and stopped him loudly.

However, Ji You didn't seem to hear it at all, and didn't have the slightest intention of stopping, and then punched Chen Yan again.

"Stop me!" At

the moment when Ji You swung his fist, the tutor of the Canglan Imperial Academy instantly smashed the seat under him with a palm, and rushed to the ring at an extremely terrifying speed.

But at this moment, a purple shadow suddenly stood in front of him.

"Murong Zili, you get out of the way for me!" the

Imperial Academy tutor roared angrily, and his speed barely slowed down.

In any case, he couldn't let the young man kill Chen Yan.

The woman in the purple skirt who was called Murong Zili did not obey, her green jade fingers waved slightly, and a huge lilac barrier suddenly formed around her body, blocking the way of the middle-aged mentor.

The middle-aged tutor had to slow down, and his face became gloomy.

"You're welcome!" he

suddenly pulled out the long sword at his waist, his wrist turned quickly, and the blade of the sword flashed with a faint green glow.

Fiercely stabbed towards the purple barrier.

However, at the same time, Ji You's "Regret Mountain Fist" had already fallen on Chen Yan's body.

Chen Yan instantly felt as if he had been hit by a boulder, and the whole person rolled out of the ring.

Catching this scene, the middle-aged mentor's face suddenly changed drastically, and he forcibly stopped the long sword in his hand.

I saw that his figure flashed towards Chen Yan in an instant, and grabbed Chen Yan at the moment when Chen Yan was about to fall out of the ring.

The middle-aged tutor probed Chen Yan's condition and immediately breathed a sigh of relief.

Obviously, Chen Yan is not completely dead.

Seeing this, Ji You's eyes couldn't help but pass a touch of regret, he didn't kill Chen Yan directly with this punch.

"Boy, do you take my words as the wind in your ears?"

At this time, the middle-aged tutor turned his head to stare at Ji You, his eyes were full of gloom.

"It's a life-and-death battle.

Ji You spit out five words lightly.

Facing the master of the Canglan Imperial Academy, his face was extremely cold, without the slightest hint of panic.

It was also at this time that a group of people in the audience finally reacted.

"yes, it's a life-and-death battle. "

Isn't it stipulated that the duel between life and death cannot end until one party dies, is it really good for the people of the Canglan Imperial Academy to interfere like this?......

" "There is no way, who told Chen Yan to awaken the acquired spirit body, and he has already joined the Canglan Imperial Academy, of course the Canglan Imperial Academy does not want Chen Yan to be killed by that young man." "


Everyone in the audience sighed, and most of them stood on Ji You's side, thinking that the tutor of the Canglan Imperial Academy was unkind to do this.

They themselves just came to see the play, whether it was Ji You or Chen Yan, they were not familiar with each other.

Whichever side is strong and which side is advantageous, they will lean on.

Jiang Yuexin was also particularly angry, "It's so shameless to forcibly interrupt the life-and-death duel and talk to Ji You like that!"

Chen Wuheng's face became very ugly, today was supposed to be the day when his son would shine, how could it develop like this.

Lin Zhanshan's face couldn't see anywhere, he didn't expect that Ji You, this kid, would not only live well, but also crush Chen Yan.

And the people of the three major forces are all present, this kid will definitely join a certain force.

In the future, if he wants to avenge Qitian, it will be difficult to find a chance to do it.

Hearing the voices of accusations around him, everyone in the Canglan Imperial Academy was embarrassed.

At this time, Murong Zili's lips suddenly opened slightly, "Disrupting the battle of life and death, Your Excellency is trying to regret it?"

As this cold and beautiful voice came out, the middle-aged tutor gradually realized that he had violated the rules and was at fault first.

But he is a person from Canglan Imperial Academy, how can he bow his head in front of so many people?"

"I, Canglan Imperial Academy, will never welcome you!" The

middle-aged tutor snorted coldly, put down this sentence to Ji You, and left the ring with Chen Yan.

Hearing this, Ji You smiled and said nothing.

He had never thought of joining the Canglan Imperial Academy, and he would always appear here for one purpose, and that was to kill Chen Yan.

It's a pity that now that Chen Yan has been taken away by this person, he can't continue to put Chen Yan to death.

Just as Ji You was about to step out of the ring, he noticed the woman in the purple dress in front of him.

He bowed slightly to the woman in the purple dress and thanked him, "Thank you seniors for your help." "

If this woman in the purple dress hadn't come forward, the tutor of the Canglan Imperial Academy just now would definitely do something to him, and the consequences would be unimaginable.

"I am the lord of the Qianyuan Martial Mansion, are you willing to join my mansion?"

Murong Zili's beautiful eyes flickered, and he said his purpose straightforwardly.

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